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carole lombard 05

'Cover'-ing Carole

Posted by vp19 on 2011.04.22 at 07:54
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When Carole Lombard wasn't busy reading scripts, she probably spent some time reading movie fan magazines. Not that she necessarily trusted everything she read in them (she was too much an industry insider for that), but to get an idea of how the public perceived her and other film personalities.

Magazines were an integral part of the classic Hollywood experience, and they are part of a site dedicated to what it calls "the Golden Age of American Illustration." It's http://magazineart.org, which features more than 11,000 covers and ads from all sorts of magazines. The site currently has more than 800 covers from vintage movie (and radio and TV) mags, and as you might guess, Carole is well represented. For example, here's Lombard pictured by the renowned Zoe Mozert on the cover of the June 1936 Romantic Movie Stories:

Carole and Cary Grant, then in theaters with "In Name Only," are shown on the October 1939 Movie Story:

Earl Christy renders Lombard in Photoplay's famous "Blondes Plus Curves Mean War" issue of June 1934:

Another from Photoplay -- the famed artist James Montgomery Flagg draws Carole for the November 1936 cover:

Lombard shows off her shoulders in this sexy pose from the November 1937 Screen Guide:

All in all, a fascinating site, one worth checking out for any fan of vintage publications. It is also seeking notable covers and ads to add to the collection, so contact them at volunteers@magazineart.org if you have any to contribute.

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