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Myrna fans roll a seven

Carole Lombard's friend Myrna Loy is the topic of today's entry, because DVD collectors will have much more of Myrna to watch in upcoming months -- seven films, in fact.

Heading the list is a film that's been largely unseen for nearly 70 years because of rights issues, one of MGM's all-star extravaganzas:

"Night Flight," a 1933 film with Loy, Clark Gable, Helen Hayes, Robert Montgomery and both John and Lionel Barrymore. It will be shown in public for the first time since 1942 at the TCM Classic Film Festival later this month, and the DVD will be made public June 7.

"Night Flight," set in South America and dealing with fliers who transport mail and other items across the continent, is based on a novel by Antoine de Saint-Exupery of "Little Prince" fame. Loy plays the wife of a Brazilian pilot portrayed by William Gargan (who seven years later would gain an Academy Award best supporting actor nomination for the Lombard film "They Knew What They Wanted"). David O. Selznick produced this movie, and the concept of flying vaccine to aid a sick child, seen in his 1939 Lombard drama "Made For Each Other," gets its first tryout here.

Six other films from Loy are being released through the Warner Archive collection. Two are 1929 Warners talkies, showing Myrna in her "exotic" phase -- as a gypsy in "The Squall," which also features Loretta Young (only 16 at the time) and Zasu Pitts, and as a Mexican temptress in "The Great Divide," co-starring Dorothy Mackaill and Ian Keith. Three are from MGM: "New Morals For Old" (1932), with Robert Young; "The Prizefighter And The Lady" (1933), with Walter Huston and heavyweight champions Max Baer Sr. and Primo Carnera; and "Third Finger, Left Hand" (1940), co-starring Melvyn Douglas, where Loy portrays a publishing executive (the type of role more closely associated with her Metro "rival" at the time, Rosalind Russell). Finally, Warners gets hold of a 1946 Universal comedy-drama, "So Goes My Love" with Don Ameche.

There's a LiveJournal site, myrnadaily, whose slogan is "Daily Myrna Loy Goodness." (Unfortunately, it has been dormant for more than a year.) But thanks to DVD, you can experience plenty of that goodness this spring and into summer.

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