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One woman, two acts, one legend

Carole Lombard's triumphant, yet ultimately ill-fated war bond trip was the subject of a one-woman play, "Lombard," written by veteran screenwriter/playwright/publicist/Hollywood historian Michael B. Druxman.

"Lombard" -- part of a series of one-person plays Druxman has written about Hollywood legends -- has been performed a number of times, and has been well received. Now the script has been published in book form, 74 pages.

The play is set as Carole "awaits word in an Indianapolis hotel room to see if she's been successful in securing plane reservations for a flight back to Los Angeles. She's anxious to get home, because she suspects that her husband, Clark Gable, is cheating on her.

"Drawing liberally upon her legendary sailor's vocabulary, Ms. Lombard talks about her tragic affair with singer Russ Columbo, ex-husband William Powell, as well as George Raft, Gary Cooper, Joseph P. Kennedy and, of course, David O. Selznick and her ill-fated attempt to secure the role of Scarlett O'Hara in 'Gone With The Wind.'"

As the audience knows what fate has planned for her, the subject might seem sad. But "Lombard" is "not a depressing play of approaching doom. It is a warm, funny story of a woman -- the highest paid film actress of her day -- who was a 'fighter,' both in her career and personal life."

It's hoped the book's publication will lead to more productions of the play; at the very least, reading about Carole's life may inspire other actresses. To purchase "Lombard," which sells for $7.50, go to https://www.createspace.com/3591316.

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