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carole lombard 02

Accentuating what you've got

Posted by vp19 on 2011.04.12 at 08:52
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There was a time in the late 1920s when Carole Lombard, working in Mack Sennett's bathing-beauty comedies, had gained a few extra pounds at his behest (thanks to bananas) and was thus known as "Carole of the curves." Not that she was exceptionally voluptuous by any means, but she was somewhat shapelier (the better to fill out a swimsuit) than the more recognizable Lombard from the mid- and late 1930s.

By the start of the 1930s, the curvy Carole had shed those extra pounds at Pathe's behest and her body had become sleek and lithe. But by learning the photographic tricks of the trade -- and working with some of the most talented portrait takers in the business -- she had gained the ability to make herself seem buxom, even if she was actually no bigger than a "B" cup.

A case in point, pardon the pun:

That's Paramount p1202-396, from late 1932 or sometime in '33. Not sure who the photographer is (I'm guessing Otto Dyar), but the expert lighting, not to mention her stance, plays up her bosom -- and while it may not transform Lombard into an early version of Marie Wilson, it does make her look more curvaceous than usual.

This is the type of photo that one eBay seller would typically characterize as "busty"...and while this item is available at eBay, it's not from that seller. It's 8" x 10", and is described this way: "The photo is in good condition with minor edge, corner and surface wear. There is also pinholes in the corners and along the side borders with 2 pinholes in the image that do not penetrate through the photo. The photo overall shows very well and these issues do not detract from this gorgeous and rare image."

It's being sold for $95. If interested, go to http://cgi.ebay.com/RARE-Orig-30s-CAROLE-LOMBARD-Art-Deco-BEAUTY-Portrait-/260765700010?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_2&hash=item3cb6d8cfaa.

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