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From Debbie, to auction

Carole Lombard and other Hollywood stars are the subject of a huge array of memorabilia. And some of the most sought-after of such items are to be auctioned in June, from the collection of one of filmdom's most beloved stars:

It's Debbie Reynolds (who turned 79 last Friday -- a belated happy birthday!), shown in her 1950s days of MGM stardom. For many years, Debbie has collected memorabilia, including many costumes, with hopes of establishing a museum dedicated to classic Hollywood. Her dream never quite caught on, so Reynolds has decided to auction her collection through the Profiles in History firm. Perhaps you saw her publicize it in February on the Oprah Winfrey Show.

Well, the specifics have just been announced, and it's big. The collection has more than 20,000 original photographs, several thousand original posters and more than 3,500 costumes. About 700 of those costumes will be auctioned in part one of the sale, on June 18; the rest of the collection will be auctioned in December.

What sort of items are available? Well, here's a taste, direct from the site:

There's even Elizabeth Taylor's jockey costume from "National Velvet," long before she became Debbie's romantic rival (and eventual friend).

A 1925 painting from the Marion Davies estate and some other non-costume items will also be auctioned in June. No word on whether the Reynolds collection includes any Lombard costumes, but I'm certain Carole's represented among the photographs, and possibly the posters as well.

To learn more about the collection, and to pre-order a catalog, go to http://profilesinhistory.com/debbie-reynolds-auction/event-and-catalog-information.

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