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Much stuff to add to the Tally

While you enjoy Carole Lombard in Paramount p1202-1008, taken by the great Eugene Robert Richee about 1934, some news from Lombard collector and good friend Tally Haugen about a box of Carole memorabilia she recently received -- and, if her description is accurate, it's a fairly big box:

"It is FILLED to the brim practically with several thousand clips all through Carole's career. The lady tried to label the folders: FOOLS FOR SCANDAL, Lombard with MacMurray etc..I think based on the chief thing in that particular folder, but I have never seen so much!"

Just one word describes my reaction...wow.

Tally should have a fun time going through all that stuff -- and the good news is that we'll be able to partake of her discoveries, as she's promised to scan and send some of the items my way. In fact, she's already forwarded some odds and ends, a few of which I now will share with you.

In 1938, Lombard -- who loved just about all facets of the film business -- spent a week handling publicity for Selznick International Pictures. Several images have circulated regarding that memorable occasion, but here are a few more that probably haven't been seen since they appeared in a fan magazine (not sure which one). Double-clicking will show them at just about the size they appeared in the mag:

(And remember, in 1938 the Surgeon General's report on smoking was a long way from coming out, so don't blame Lombard for lighting up. She didn't know any better.)

Here are a pair of pictures of Carole with her beloved Palomino pony, Pico:

Both you and I await seeing more material from this treasure trove; if Tally is wondering, "I just don't know what to do with all this," I can't say I blame her.

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