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carole lombard 02

In May we're gonna blog like it's 1939

Posted by vp19 on 2011.03.22 at 01:24
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Today's entry is a potpourri, and the photo of Carole Lombard with James Stewart, followed by one of her with Cary Grant (and Peggy Ann Garner in between them), are from the two films Lombard made during 1939. And speaking of that year...

...the Classic Movie Blog Association will be doing another blogathon in mid-May, this one examining that epochal year, arguably the apex of the studio system -- and I'm pleased to say that I'll be among the participants. What will I be writing about? Well, as you might guess, there will be a Lombard angle to my entry; as for specifics, well, you'll just have to wait and see.

You won't have to wait until mid-May for the next subject of today's entry...

...just until tonight, if you live in the U.S. and have Turner Classic Movies on your satellite or cable system. That's because TCM is continuing its Jean Harlow star of the month programming in March with the six films she made with Clark Gable, kicking off (or should that be skating off?) at 8 p.m. (Eastern) with "Wife Vs. Secretary," where Harlow is the latter, Myrna Loy the former, and Gable the husband/boss. (Stewart is also in the cast,)

It'll be followed by "Red Dust," "Hold Your Man," "China Seas," "The Secret Six" and "Saratoga" (in which Harlow died during shooting and her scenes were completed by a double). Gable and Harlow made a charismatic couple on screen -- though they were no more than good, devoted friends off screen -- and if you've never experienced their chemistry, here's your chance.

Finally, have you ever searched for "Carole & Co." via Google? If you have, you'll find some other endeavors with similar names listed in addition to this blog, and one of them is a real estate appraiser in Seminole, Okla. named "Carole & Company"; its broker is named Carole O'Daniel (wonder if she was named for Lombard?).

Carole & Company also has a branch office in Maud, Okla., on the 100 block of Wanda Jackson Boulevard. If you're a rock or rockabilly fan, you know who Wanda Jackson is -- she's a rockabilly pioneer (from Oklahoma) who had several hits in the late 1950s and early 1960s, moved into country and gospel for some years, but has returned to her roots, proving grandmothers can rock. She's toured extensively in recent years and has just released a CD that's getting good reviews. (Not long ago, she was interviewed by Terry Gross on the popular NPR program "Fresh Air.")

To honor Wanda, and by extension our favorite real estate office, here's what I consider Jackson's greatest record, one of the best "B" sides in rock history -- "Funnel Of Love," from 1961. It was the flip of "Right Or Wrong," a decent pop hit that became her entry into the country market, but had this received a push from Capitol, Jackson's career might have been entirely different. It's an excellent production with superb guitar work from Roy Clark (yes, the same guy who was on "Hee-Haw"; he was in Wanda's band and was one of the best session men in the business). Now considered a classic, this is still a staple of Wanda's shows. One listen, and I think you'll love it as much as I do.


laughingmagpie at 2011-03-22 15:10 (UTC) (Link)
I saw Wanda Jackson in concert last year - she was WONDERFUL! Incredible stage presence, and yeah, she rocks!
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