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The ties that bind ...

Posted by cinemafan2 on 2011.03.20 at 20:25

           Carole Lombard lunching with Roger Pryor, possibly during the filming of "Lady By Choice" in 1934 or later.

Carole Lombard and director, Walter Lang, (soon to be husband of "Fieldsie" Carole's close friend and social secretary), on the set of "Love Before Breakfast".

            Leslie Howard, Zeppo Marx, Carole Lombard, Gary Cooper and Mrs. Zeppo Marx at a social gathering.

June Knight moving in as a roommate with Russ Columbo and Roger Pryor in 1934's "Wake Up and Dream" made just before the code was in full force.

           Roger Pryor, June Knight and Russ Columbo as a team of  vaudevillians in "Wake Up and Dream", 1934.

Carole maintained friendly relations with many of the people she knew with and through Russ Columbo to the end of her life.  Pryor was her co-star in "Lady By Choice".   Andy Devine, who also co-starred with Russ in "Wake Up and Dream" was invited, along with his wife, to Carole's very private funeral in January of 1942.  Walter Lang and Zeppo Marx both served as pall bearers for Russ Columbo in 1934 and then again for Carole in 1942.

It is interesting what a very private person Carole was for all of her public aura of being an extrovert.   She made a clear distinction between what was "on the record" and what was "off the record".



vp19 at 2011-03-21 06:14 (UTC) (Link)
I think you mean Roger Pryor, not "Richard." (I believe Roger later served as host of the "Silver Theater" on radio, a series where Lombard made several appearances.)
cinemafan2 at 2011-03-21 06:16 (UTC) (Link)
You are absolutely correct. I'll correct the reference.

(Anonymous) at 2011-03-21 06:31 (UTC) (Link)


Roger Pryor was her leading man in "Lady By Choice"-1934 Columbia
"Love Before Breakfast"- 1936 had Preston Foster as her leading fella. 'Nuff said. Just to set the record straight. ---Mark from Michigan
cinemafan2 at 2011-03-21 06:47 (UTC) (Link)


Correction noted. Thanks Mark!
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