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Carole in early 'Times,' part 2

In the middle of 1925, the first film starring a 16-year-old actress named Carole Lombard (shown with Edmund Lowe), "Marriage in Transit," made its way across American movie theaters. The largest daily in the movie capital, the Los Angeles Times, already had taken note of this teen actress several times that spring, and her name would resurface on a few more occasions as the year continued.

On May 13, the Times published a lengthy story by Katherine Lipke on "Re-discovering Discoveries," in which Lombard is mentioned in the initial paragraph ("dancing one evening and acting the next") but not at all thereafter:

Of course, with the angle "rediscovering discoveries," Lombard didn't really qualify (unless you wanted to count her 1921 one-shot as Jane Peters in "A Perfect Crime"). It nevertheless makes a good read, as some of the top people in the industry discuss who rediscovered whom.

Move slightly more than three months ahead, to Aug. 23, and Lombard's name comes up again in the Times -- but in an item that had little, if anything, to do with the movies. (And to be honest, I had no idea this existed until Bill Drew dug it up.) It's part of resort notes, and for us, the relevant stuff is at the bottom:

To wit:

Lake Arrowhead resorts report full houses for last week during the women's swimming meet with expectations of full houses Saturday when Fred Cady will stage the fourth annual mile-high diving meet. Among the well-known people registered last week at Cottage Grove, Camp Fleming and Lake Arrowhead Lodge, were Miss Carole Lombard of the Fox studio, Tim Waring and Roy Fox. ...

This tidbit opens up an array of questions. Did Carole compete in the swimming events (and if so, how did she fare?) or was she merely a spectator, a celebrity guest? And who were Tim Waring and Roy Fox? (The first name isn't listed at all at the Internet Movie Database, and the oldest date of work for one of the three Roy Foxes listed was 1971.) Were either her date, and might Roy Fox have been related to studio owner William Fox?

I've never seen a photo of Lombard in a swimsuit in 1925, but here's how she appeared in one later that decade:

And here's Carole at Lake Arrowhead in 1937, where she was filming scenes from "True Confession":

Lombard visited Lake Arrowhead quite a few times over the years; in fact, it was where she was staying Labor Day weekend in 1934 when she received word of the accidental shooting of Russ Columbo.

One more interesting detail in the resort notes: The lead item concerns an A.B. Spreckels amateur golf tournament. A.B. Spreckels Jr. would later marry a model and actress named Kathleen Williams, who subsequently became the fifth and final wife of Clark Gable.

Finally, that Lombard and Lowe photo at the top (thanks to Tally Haugen for her work on it) is on sale at eBay for $8.99; it's not an original picture, but it is a few decades old. If interested, go http://cgi.ebay.com/CAROLE-LOMBARD-EDMUND-LOWE-MARRIAGE-TRANS-vintage-photo-/220756298574?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item336619cb4e.

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