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This just in: Vote again!

If you voted this weekend between Carole Lombard and Irene Dunne in the finals of the "All Good Things" silents/1930s actresses tournament, you'll have to go back to the site (http://poohtiger-allgoodthings.blogspot.com/) and do it again. Some apparent chicanery at the polls forced a re-vote.

According to site administrator Monty Hawes, this time the site is using a Blogger poll, not one from Zoomerang -- and I believe this one can accept more than 100 total votes. Following the balloting was weird, since the original election had more runs than a pair of 99-cent pantyhose. Lombard jumped to a 10-1 lead...then Dunne went ahead 28-12...then Lombard pulled to a 66-34 edge when the Zoomerang voting reached its limit. Frank "I am the law" Hague of Jersey City machine infamy would be proud of that, but no true fan of Carole or Irene would be.

So return to "All Good Things" and cast your vote -- but please, do it once. And just to give you a reason to vote, look above to another Lombard lingerie screencap (0812) from "No Man Of Her Own."

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