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For #1500, lots of Lombard in 'No Man's' land

There's plenty to smile about at "Carole & Co." This marks our 1,500th entry since this community began on June 13, 2007 -- that's roughly about 1 1/4 entries per day. A further check of the user info showed that we currently have 296 members, an all-time high. (Tell your friends who love classic Hollywood about this site, and we can surpass 300 sometime during March!)

To celebrate, here's something I just uncovered -- and it concerns one of Carole Lombard's most popular films. The movie is "No Man Of Her Own," where Lombard shows off her skills (and lots of other stuff) as she portrays small-town librarian Connie Randall, who makes a big change in her life. (And there's this leading man brought in from MGM named, uh...oh yes, Gable.)

So what's this all about? Screencaps. Lots and lots and lots of screencaps -- more than 2,000 in all.

This gargantuan undertaking is the handiwork of someone at LiveJournal who goes by the title "Peppermint Fox." Apparently, this fox likes to go on the hunt for screencaps, because past entries include screencap collections for the likes of the original Barbara Stanwyck "Christmas In Connecticut" and more recent fare, including "The Wedding Singer" and "Salt."

The "No Man Of Her Own" screencaps can be found at http://peppermint-fox.livejournal.com/5594.html. They are divided into three segments, totaling about 150 MB. So, what's it like? Well, here's a sample:

That's screencap 0359, the first one featuring Lombard -- and double-clicked, you'll find that it, and all the other screencaps, measure an impressive 1067 x 800. (The first part of the film establishes Clark Gable and his character.) What's the first one with Gable and Lombard together? It's screencap 0439, as Gable, who's just hightailed to the upstate New York town of Glendale, is at a newsstand when librarian Lombard comes by:

Clark's character likes what he sees, and not much later, in screencap 0456, he drops by the library to check out not books, but Carole:

Lombard has to climb a ladder to visit the shelves in screencap 0528, but at 0531, we find Gable is more interested in her stockinged ankle:

Screencap 0615 gives one an idea of what the Paramount people went through to construct a set that so resembles a small-town library circa 1932:

But you want to see Lombard, not a library, and so you shall. In fact, here's Carole in a cabin in screencap 0805, as she prepares to call it a night:

Okay, gang, here's the pre-Code payoff -- lots of Lombard in little lingerie. specifically in screencaps 0815, 0819 and 0821, the last being full-frontal lingerie Lombard. (A reminder, especially to those of the male gender: do not salivate over your keyboard.)

We have other screencaps from the film, but honestly, what can follow that?

So enjoy the "No Man Of Her Own" screencaps as sort of my gift to you.

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