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It's tourney time -- Team Carole needs you!

Ever the competitor, Carole Lombard is preparing for a tournament, ready to face her peers. But this isn't tennis -- no, it's a competition being staged by Monty at the site "All Good Things" (http://poohtiger-allgoodthings.blogspot.com), and it's scheduled to start tomorrow. He calls it "March Madness (Classic Movie Goddess style)," with 64 of classic Hollywood's greats squaring off.

Some of you college basketball fans may be saying, "64? Doesn't Monty realize there are 68 teams in the tourney now?" True, but that's in the men's tournament; the women's event still has 64 entrants. (So Monty, when you do something like this with actors, make the field 68.)

According to at least one biographer, Carole did play some basketball in school (not that surprising, considering that for many in the early 1920s, it was as much an activity for women and girls as it was for men and boys). But she won't have to practice her jump shot here, because this competition will be fought by fans.

Monty explains the criteria this way: "I broke down the actresses into 4 groups: I combined the silent era with the 1930's; the 1940's; the 1950's; and the 1960's. There will be 16 women per section and I'm currently ranking them 1 to 16 based on their popularity, success, award achievements, and acting prowess."

Wonder if Marion Davies made the cut?

Here's how it will work, according to Monty:

"Once I have all 64 actresses chosen, they will be paired up in matches and I will have the voting take place on my sidebar. So the first round will have 8 matches taking place. I will start with the silent/30's era for the first week beginning on Monday, February 28th until the final actress is left standing. And then week 2 will be for the 40's era, week 3 for the 50's and week 4 for the 60's. You will have two days to vote for each round so please come by and vote quickly. And then the final four to determine the most popular actress will begin on March 28th. Two days for each semi-final match and then the final match beginning on April 1st. I will let that match run 3 days so I can crown the champion on Monday."

That means that the first-round battle involving Lombard could come as early as Monday, so I beseech all of her fans (the "Team Carole" noted in the subject line) to visit "All Good Things" every day, to vote for her when her event takes place as well as to vote on the other bouts. The top seeds in each category are Greta Garbo, silents/1930s; Bette Davis, 1940s; Audrey Hepburn, 1950s; Doris Day, 1960s.

And there's another reason to visit "All Good Things" tomorrow and in the upcoming weeks. Monty has a feature called "Classic Movie Goddess Of The Month," and guess who happens to have the honor for March?

Lombard, whom Monty says "also happens to be my favorite actress of all time." Clearly, this is a man of taste.

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