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carole lombard 03

Street talk with Lombard and Loy

Posted by vp19 on 2011.02.02 at 01:40
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As a result of our more than 1,450 entries over more than 43 months (and, at last count, a record 246 members!), "Carole & Co." has received a special privilege: Every now and then, we receive transcripts of conversations Carole Lombard has with some of her filmland buddies up in Hollywood heaven. Here are a few Carole had in recent weeks with another fine actress and charming lady, Myrna Loy.

Morning, Jan. 17, 2011. Carole Lombard is sitting at a desk in front of a computer, turned away from it, when Myrna Loy walks in.
Loy: Got your message to come by and see you. What's this all about?
Lombard: I merely wanted to congratulate you on your latest honor.
Loy: Huh?
Lombard: (Smiles.) Myrna, my friend, you've got a street named after you.

(Myrna makes a face at Carole.)
Loy: Not the folks in Helena again! I mean, having the performing arts center named for me was sufficient.
Lombard: No, that's not where.
Loy: Not New York City? Okay, so I spent my final years there on the East Side, but there were a lot of celebrities who lived in that neighborhood. Why single me out?
Lombard: (Shakes her head.) Nope, not New York -- and not Los Angeles or any of the studios, either.
Loy: Well, then, where is it?
Lombard: It's in, of all places...Beaumont, Texas! (She presses a key on the board, and the screen saver disappears, replaced by the image below.)

Loy: Beaumont, Texas? I'm pretty sure I've never been there -- or should I say, never was there -- in my life!
Lombard: Well, this was in their hometown newspaper this morning, and the writer couldn't figure it out, either. I was hoping you had the answer.
Loy: I suppose someone, somewhere, was a fan of mine.
Lombard: Could be, but shouldn't the neighborhood also have streets named for other stars, like Bill Powell? "Powell and Loy" is a natural intersection.
Loy: (Smiles.) Guess so. Well, I've got to be going.
Lombard: Take care. (She watches Loy turns around and leave.)

Late afternoon, Jan. 17, 2011. Loy is walking when Lombard, holding a laptop, comes out of nowhere and stands in front of her.
Lombard: Good news! The great Myrna Loy Drive mystery is solved!
Loy: Okay, so who named it after me?
Lombard: Well, as it turns out, it wasn't named after you. Well, not directly.
Loy: (Puzzled.) Just what are you talking about?
Lombard: This! (She opens up the laptop, flips on a switch and the image below comes onto the screen.)

Lombard: Meet Myrna Loy Chambers, Beaumont High School class of 1954.
Loy: So why is the street named after her? Not that I'm jealous, just curious.
Lombard: Turns out her dad was the developer of the subdivision. His name was Loyd D. Chambers. That's L-O-Y-D, with one "L."
Loy: But "Loy" a middle name? A bit unusual.
Lombard: Hey, remember, in that part of the country, girls are often named "something Sue" or "something Lee." In that context, Loy fits. (Pauses.) Don't know too much about her, but she evidently was a good student -- a check of the 'Net showed that two years later, she was listed in the University of Texas yearbook.
Loy: If she graduated in '54, chances are she was born in 1936 or '37.
Lombard: About the time you were queen of Hollywood! (Carole performs a mock curtsy.)
Loy: You're not taking that seriously, are you?
Lombard: (Laughs.) Only if I had won!
Loy: Well, if that girl had been born five years earlier, the only way she would have been named after me would have been if she was of Chinese descent. Some folks actually thought I was Asian!
Lombard: See you around. Perhaps you can join Clark and I to watch some tennis.
Loy: Not a bad idea -- I'll get back to you on that one.


caroleirene at 2011-02-02 14:07 (UTC) (Link)


HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! That made my day Vince thank you! It's really quite clever! I wish that it was only true...Carole and Myrna and Clark living in 2011! I also like how technology was put into the mix. Lombard+Loy+laptop=amazing!
cinemafan2 at 2011-02-03 00:02 (UTC) (Link)

Myrna Loy

Myrna Loy one of the few invited guests for Lombard's very private funeral. As I recall Andy Devine and is wife were as well. Carole was close to them and was particularly fond of his wife. Carole may have gotten to know Andy in 1934 when he was in Russ Columbo's film "Wake Up and Dream. Carole was on the set advising Russ whenever he was in front of the camera - and he was on camera a lot as he was the star of the picture.
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