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'Hitch' a tribute to Alfred on Monday

Here's news about something that will take place here Monday: That day's entry will focus on Alfred Hitchcock, part of a Hitchcock blogathon scheduled for that day by the Classic Movie Blog Association. At last check, 19 different blogs are participating (up from 18), and each will file an entry centered around a specific film from Hitch. (As this is a Carole Lombard-centered site, you can probably guess which movie I chose.) Once all of them are in, I intend to update the entry, providing links to and information about the other ones posted.

It's all part of what should be a splendid tribute by CMBA's members to a filmmaker who developed his own idiosyncratic style during more than half a century of work, a man whose uncanny self-marketing parlayed himself into more of a "brand name" than any other director in history. (But few complained -- more often than not, his movies' figurative steak justified the sizzle.)

For more about the blogathon, go to http://clamba.blogspot.com.

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