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carole lombard 01

What's dogging Carole and Clark?

Posted by vp19 on 2011.01.03 at 09:39
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To outsiders, ranch life in Encino may have seemed idyllic for Carole Lombard and Clark Gable, but they knew better. There were all sorts of mundane tasks that had to be done -- washing the dog, for instance:

This is from the Sunday color supplement of the Los Angeles Examiner (a Hearst paper) on Dec. 3, 1939. It's a cute image of Clark and Carole cleaning a canine, but from comparing its colors to that of the photo at the top, it's likely an enhanced black-and-white photo.

The six-page section, entitled "March Of Events, Screen And Drama," measures 16" x 22". It can be yours, but you don't have much time; bidding closes at 5:12 p.m. (Eastern) today. Bids open at $9.99, and no bids have been made as of this writing. To learn more, go to http://cgi.ebay.com/201214C-HOLLYWOOD-CLARK-GABLE-CAROLE-LOMBARD-1939-/290516463417?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item43a4216f39.

Oh, and speaking of 1939...that fabulous year will be reviewed day by day at one of the message boards at Turner Classic Movies, with columns, movie listings and other items taken from the Minneapolis Tribune. For example, here's Sheilah Graham's column, where we learn that on New Year's Day, Clark and Carole were seen at the Rose Bowl game where Southern Cal beat Duke:

Louella Parsons predicts Robert Taylor and Barbara Stanwyck are the likeliest film colony couple to get hitched in 1939. The good news for Louella: They did. The bad news: They did nearly seven weeks after Clark and Carole performed the feat.

And finally, a partial check of some of the films playing around Minneapolis as 1939 began:

Find the thread at http://forums.tcm.com/jive/tcm/thread.jspa?threadID=157427&tstart=0. It's something you'll want to check back on throughout the year.

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