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A Christmas Carole (and company)

"And so this is Christmas," to borrow a line from John Lennon, and I hope for this holiday -- whether or not you observe it -- that you are safe and secure, with loved ones close by. To spread some Christmas cheer, we have a few holiday pictures involving Carole Lombard and several of her Hollywood contemporaries.

First, a Lombard Christmas photo that isn't reprinted all that often, perhaps because it isn't humorous...but it is lovely:

Next, a woodburned plaque Carole made to accompany a gift of bedroom furniture she and Clark Gable gave personal secretary Jean Garceau and her husband Russ:

Also note, in closeup, the "Clarkie" Lombard put on the plaque:

Now to one of Carole's former loves and two of her film friends. First, here's a photo of ex-husband William Powell and his flame at the time, Lombard's pal Jean Harlow:

The photo comes from either 1935 or 1936; I'm guessing it to be the former. And can anyone identify the people with Powell and Harlow? I'm sensing most, if not all, are fellow MGM employees. (I briefly believed the woman at far right might be Joan Crawford, but I doubt it since she was one of the few people at MGM who didn't like Harlow.)

And speaking of Jean, some more news about the upcoming "Harlow In Hollywood" book that we mentioned two weeks ago (http://community.livejournal.com/carole_and_co/361053.html).

The special pre-order offer we noted earlier -- not only can you save 30 percent off the $50 list price, but authors Mark A. Vieira and Darrell Rooney will personalize your copies -- will now be available through Dec. 31 from the publisher, Angel City Press. To find out more, go to http://www.angelcitypress.com/harlorder.shtml.

Finally, a photo that isn't expressly about Christmas...but it does show a young Myrna Loy with a reindeer fresh from the Russian steppes. (And just what is that item Myrna is feeding him?)

This looks to be from the late 1920s, when Loy was a Warners starlet. Silly, but charming.

A merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night -- but before we go, how about one more song of the season? This may be the holiday song most associated with Frank Sinatra, since he recorded it a number of times, "The Christmas Waltz." He did it twice for Capitol; I believe this is the 1957 version, from his album "A Jolly Christmas." And as the song says, may your New Year's dreams come true.


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