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Variations on a theme

There are many nice things about the Carole Lombard photo gallery (as of this writing, 728 images strong) at acephotos.org profiled in yesterday's entry. One of them is that often some of the pictures taken at a particular session are shown together, perhaps the intent of the person who posted them. Seeing them together gives a slightly different perspective on Lombard.

For example, take these two pics of Carole with a sombrero:

Or these two from 1930, among her first portraits at Paramount:

Here's a trio of Lombard with her Palomino pony, Pico:

Or these two, taken in Travis Banton's studio at Paramount:

And finally, this threesome from Pathe days in the late 1920s (these are apparently original photos, as they show their age):

All are on the same or adjoining pages.

I've become a fan of this site, and I think other Lombard fans would appreciate it, too.

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