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Positives from negatives

Carole Lombard certainly looks ship-shape in that photo, Paramount p1202-964, in which she poses in front of a scale-model boat. And it's part of a baker's dozen of Lombard photos included in Heritage Auction Galleries' latest auction of film memorabilia. (It's listed as the "2010 November Beverly Hills Signature Movie Poster Auction," but none of the 13 Carole items are posters. And you don't have to live in Beverly Hills to participate.)

Ten of the 13 photos are negatives, including the one above. Here are some more; first, the literally foxy p1202-232:

Next, p1202-274 (doesn't she look luscious?):

Next, p1202-594, which the listing labels "ethereal." We agree:

Here's p1202-463, a sample of Lombard's "flawless beauty":

Now, p1202-377 -- thanks to a mirror, two Lombards for the price of one:

This sophisticated pose is p1202-1021:

Lombard looks earnest in p1202-502:

This one, p1202-1471, reminds us that in Lombard's time, smoking was perceived as cool (thanks to the surgeon general's report, we know better):

We've previously run this leggy tennis image (again with the cigarette, Carole?), p1202-1177, but seeing it directly from the negative amplifies its beauty:

Now, the non-negatives. This has no p1202 number, but it's a gorgeous doubleweight, satin finish photo on cream-toned paper. Simply stunning:

This singleweight photo was shot by Universal's William Walling Jr. during production of "My Man Godfrey" -- and we have proof:

Finally, this 1939 image, made just after Lombard had signed with RKO (Julie Newmar is an avid fan of Carole, and this photo is sort of a forerunner of her look):

You have a few days for Internet bidding, if you're so inclined; bidding on the cream-paper photo ends Thursday (it's valued at $1,000-$1,500, with a minimum of $800), while the others end Saturday, all valued at $200-$400. To go to the site and learn more, visit http://movieposters.ha.com/common/search_results.php?Ntk=SI_Titles&Ntt=Carole%20Lombard&Nty=1&N=54+793+794+791+792+4294953897&chkNotSold=0&Ns=. (And note that while there, you can click to see these images at gigantic scale -- in some cases, thrice the size of the actual image -- accentuating both Lombard's beauty and the incredible work she and the photographers did to make these images so memorable.)

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