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The little black dress, Lombard style

Carole Lombard, as small-town librarian Connie Randall, takes a glance outside in the 1932 Paramount film "No Man Of Her Own" (yep, her one movie with Clark Gable). And with luck -- and not a small amount of money -- the dress she's wearing in that photo could be yours.

It's part of Heritage Auction Galleries' Beverly Hills Signature Music & Entertainment Auction next month. A total of 1,277 items will be available, only one of which has ties to Lombard -- but what ties! (And what a dress.)

That's what the dress looks like from the front and the back. If the cuffs don't look similar to their appearance in the film, it's because Paramount re-used the dress in later films, most notably "The Blue Dahlia" in 1946 (likely worn by an uncredited Roberta Jonay, playing a hotel clerk). But this definitely was designed with Lombard in mind, as the tag proves:

According to Heritage, this black crepe dress was likely designed by Travis Banton -- who created many an outfit for Carole -- during his tenure as Paramount's studio atelier. By Lombard-Banton standards, it's more practical than ethereal, but it's still gorgeous.

Here are some other photos from the film showing Lombard in that dress:

The opening bid for this item is $1,500, but understand that Heritage's bidding process differs somewhat from eBay and other auctioneers. Absentee bidding ends at 11 p.m. (Eastern) Nov. 13, and a live auction will be held the following day. The buyer's premium is 19.5 percent of the successful bid.

The dress is considered in very good condition, and its estimated value is at least $3,000. Should you wish to place a bid, or merely want to learn more, go to http://entertainment.ha.com/common/view_item.php?Sale_No=7022&Lot_No=46653.

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