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Some more from the house she lived in

We have at least one more "then and now" from the house on 7953 Hollywood Boulevard that Carole Lombard called home between 1934 and 1936, and I credit Bill Cwiklo for pointing it out. In Paramount publicity still p1202-717, issued sometime in '34, Carole is shown posing in front of a fireplace. Cwiklo noticed the similarity between the fireplace in that photo and one shown in the current setup of the house (though it's now shaded differently than in Lombard's time); he believes it to be from one of the upper-level bedrooms, and judging from the leaves on the trees in the window and what looks to be a second-floor balcony, I believe he's right. So here are the photos, side by side:

Here are two more pictures of Lombard inside her house. The first shows her celebrated bed, designed by William Haines (and oh, the stories this bed could tell!). Note a telephone in front; if someone called Carole while she was in the midst of some, uh, activity in bed, it would take her a few rings to reach it and answer. The other photo, Paramount p1202-713, shows a Lombard confident in her choice of decor.

Remarkable photos, remarkable house...remarkable lady.

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