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A little of this and that

"She is one of the smartest young women in Hollywood in more ways than one. She wears a great many or very few clothes equally well."

Here's proof of the latter:

"Carole is young and healthy and oh, so beautiful. She goes in mainly for athletics, dancing, tennis, swimming and horseback riding being her favorite diversions. She's married to Bill Powell, under contract to Paramount, and you'll be seeing her in 'Supernatural.'"

The above is a page from a fan magazine -- Photoplay? -- in the spring of 1933, when she was indeed married to William Powell and her Paramount film "Supernatural" was about to hit the screens. (The "young and healthy" comment is a nod to the song of that title, one of the hits from the Warners musical "42nd Street" then currently playing.)

That page of the shipshapely Carole is being auctioned at eBay -- and, on the flip side, you get this photo of then-Fox starlet Heather Angel (which was her real name):

The item will be available through 7 p.m. (Eastern) on Wednesday; bidding begins at $2.49, although as of this writing no bids have been made. If you're interested in the leggy Lombard or the alluring Angel, go to http://cgi.ebay.com/Vintage-Carole-Lombard-Movie-Magazine-pic-Heather-Angel-/160481465852?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item255d70d5fc.

Here's another photo of the early thirties Carole and another brunette actress, although this time both are on the same side of the page:

That's Paramount stablemate Frances Dee, one of the great beauties of her time. She was in a number of fine pre-Code films, including "An American Tragedy" and "Blood Money," and was even seriously considered for Melanie in "Gone With The Wind"; however, David O. Selznick believed her looks were too similar to Vivien Leigh's, and thus cast Olivia de Havilland instead. Dee -- who also starred in Val Lewton's 1943 thriller "I Walked With A Zombie" -- was married to Joel McCrea for 57 years, and they had three sons. She died in 2004, a year after being interviewed for the pre-Code documentary "Complicated Women."

In between Lombard and Dee is a man named M.C. Levee, who was one of the 36 founders of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences and served as AMPAS president from 1931 to 1932. (This photo is dated April 5, 1932.) Levee had his own studio, United, from 1920 to 1926, when he sold it to Paramount; he was the latter studio's executive manager from 1929 to '32, when he was let go for economic reasons. He subsequently founded the Artists Management Guild, for which this is a publicity photo. (This is not to be confused with the Screen Actors Guild, which wouldn't be founded until 1933, although the seller lists it as such.) Levee later became an agent whose clients included Joan Crawford, Leslie Howard, Jeanette MacDonald, Paul Muni and Greer Garson.

This is part of the United Press photo collection; one bid, for $9.99, has been placed as of this writing. The auction ends at 10:12 p.m. (Eastern) on Wednesday. To find out more, or to place a bid, go to http://cgi.ebay.com/1932-Screen-Guild-Forms-Hollywood-Carole-Lombard-Photo-/170539908651?pt=Art_Photo_Images&hash=item27b4f87e2b.

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