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To one 'stupendously amazingly cool' blogger

It's my birthday today, but I've decided to give you the present. Beginning with today's entry, I'm going to periodically spotlight one of my favorite bloggers (in no order of preference, mind you!), focusing on their entries about Carole Lombard (naturally).

We'll begin with someone who coined one of my favorite descriptions of Carole...

..."stupendously amazingly cool." And that photo, taken by Life's esteemed Alfred Eisenstadt while Lombard was skeet shooting, is one of that blogger's favorites.

Her name is Millie, and according to the profile in her blog "Classic Forever," she's 16. That's less than one-third my age, and I deem it pretty remarkable not so much that she's a classic movie fan (I was sort of one at age 16), but that she writes with such knowledge and enthusiasm for the topic.

And for Lombard.

That description of Carole -- "stupendously amazingly cool" -- certainly conveys her timelessness, a quality I've long admired about her. And I'm glad to see that Millie gets it, too. (She has also referred to her as "The Carole," which I guess is okay but for me is too reminiscent of Donald Trump, a man who vainly wishes he were William Randolph Hearst.)

Lombard's in her list of 10 favorite actresses, and she's in some wonderful company: Ingrid Bergman, Audrey Hepburn, Grace Kelly, Jean Arthur, Sandra Dee, Barbara Stanwyck, Doris Day, Gene Tierney and Olivia De Havilland.

"Classic Forever" just became a member of the Large Association of Movie Blogs (as am I), and I welcome Millie to the LAMB family. According to her site, as of this writing she has 15 entries that mention, or feature, Carole (the only actresses with more are Kelly, Dee, Bergman and Audrey), and you can find them at http://classicforever.blogspot.com/search/label/Carole%20Lombard. (It's a splendid site, period; at the time I write this she has nearly 500 entries to her credit.)

We'll leave with another of Millie's favorite portraits of Carole, because both of them are "stupendously amazingly cool":


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