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Stars out of time

Great stars have an appeal that is timeless. They can even look that way, too. Take, for instance, these two Carole Lombard pictures:

Every now and then, for whatever reason, Carole would try a hairstyle that partially or totally covered her forehead. But there's something about these two photos that would suggest to someone who knew nothing about Carole, or when she lived, that they were taken in 1961 or so. Nice pix, and an interesting change of pace for Lombard, but would she have had the appeal she did had she worn this hairstyle more frequently? I'm not sure.

Now let's show a picture that takes us in the other direction, as a star from the late '40s and early '50s models a dress that wonderfully evokes the 1930s:

I like that pic of Jane Russell, as it shows qualities not normally associated with her; she could be not only sexy and tough, but elegant. One wonders what her career might have been like had she been born a decade earlier than 1921.

Incidentally, while Russell's debut picture, "The Outlaw," wasn't officially released until 1943, it was actually filmed in late 1940 and early '41, so it's possible Lombard could have heard about Russell through the film industry press. ("The Outlaw" could have received Production Code approval in May 1941, but when producer/director Howard Hughes discovered many state censor boards wanted to make additional cuts, he shelved the film for nearly two years.)
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