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Carole gives Carole (and Clark) a new persona

The other day, I noted Mozilla had come up with a new item for its popular Firefox browser -- something called "personas," which can be used to provide a personalized look to complement your Firefox theme. I also noted that of the tens of thousands of personas that had been created, none featured Carole Lombard, and I challenged members of this community to come up with one for her.

One of her most avid and loyal fans, Carole Sampeck of The Lombard Archive, took me up on the challenge...and here's what she wrote me about it:

"My first attempt. Not great, but tolerable for the time being. This 'personas' thing is quite tricky to navigate at times!"

Personally, I think she's being a bit modest; it's more than "tolerable." Here's what she came up with:

Double-click on it, and you'll sense what it would look at full size at the top of your screen. And she did right by two stars, so to speak, because heretofore there had been no persona for Clark Gable, either.

If you'd like to download this persona and use it for your very own, go to http://www.getpersonas.com/en-US/persona/244114. And I eagerly await future Lombard-related personas from both Ms. Sampeck and other fans of "the profane angel." Okay, so we may not catch up with the more than two dozen Marilyn Monroe personas, but there's no reason why we shouldn't eventually be able to choose from among a few.

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