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Say what?

Perhaps you've heard of this young actress; you certainly are familiar with her aunt. She's Emma Roberts, niece of Julia Roberts, and she's achieved some fame as a Disney star and is now branching out into other roles. She will be part of the cast for the upcoming "Scream 4."

Normally, we wouldn't pay this much mind, except for one thing: A few weeks ago, Emma Roberts was saying she had been told she was the "reincarnation" of...

Here's the quote, from www.celebrity-mania.com:

Emma Roberts is the "reincarnation" of Carole Lombard. The "" star, who is the niece of Julia Roberts, revealed she went to see a psychic who informed her she was the "reincarnation" of the award-winning actress.

"I saw a psychic in Michigan recently who said I was the reincarnation of Carole Lombard," she explained. "She was married to Clark Gable, so even if nothing's happening for me right now, I did quite well in my past life."

I wish I could see video of her actually making this statement; without inflections or further descriptions, it's difficult to tell whether or not she actually believes what the psychic told her. Perhaps she should contact Shirley MacLaine (that's a facetious remark). Oh, and isn't in interesting that people are invariably reincarnated from someone famous? Nobody was a supporting player, extra or member of a film crew in a past life.

At least Emma knows Carole was married to Gable (has she ever heard of William Powell?). Maybe this will inspire her to learn more about Lombard and watch a few of her films. I'd think there's a good chance her famed aunt has several of those movies in her collection.

Oh, and Emma...if you really were Carole reincarnated, you'd stay away from the likes of "Scream 4." It might bring back memories of "Supernatural," and no, we're not referring to the hit TV series.

P.S. Good news -- I finally have home Internet service again! This means most of the time, I can resize photos to more manageable proportions, and you can usually see them at full size with a double click.

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