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It's our third anniversary!

If blogs were sentient beings with the power of speech, that's what "Carole & Co." would be saying today. For it was on June 13, 2007 that this community came into the world...and now, nearly 1,100 days and more than 1,200 entries later (not to mention 151 members as of this writing), it has grown to amazing proportions.

"Carole & Co." has become an integral part of my life, something I look forward to in creating a new chapter every day -- just as so many of you have stated it's become an important part of your life in daily reading. (And there's no reason that can't occasionally be reversed; as I frequently note, your entries are always welcome.)

Carole Lombard was one of the most fascinating (and beloved) personalities in film history, and the era she worked in still holds allure for so many people, such as myself. Learning more about it, and her, is our raison d'etre...and I hope to continue this as a resource for many years to come.

With that, how about some images of our subject?

Again, thanks for the support you've shown these three years, and I look forward to many more.

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