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What a difference a decade makes

When going through eBay and other auction sites to uncover Carole Lombard memorabilia, you're often lured by the description of the item, especially since the thumbnails tend to be rather small. (One seller invariably uses adjectives like "sexy," "leggy" and "busty" to describe pics. "Busty"? Is Carole being confused with Jayne Mansfield?) Anyway, sometimes those descriptions don't match the item of note. Here's an example.

On eBay, I found this, described as "Carole Lombard, 1928 Glamour Fashion Movie Photo":

While Lombard certainly had an emotional maturity about her even in 1928, for most of that year she was still a teenager, and certainly didn't display the physical maturity of later years. And, as it turns out, this isn't the 1928 Lombard, but a photo taken in 1938; the headline was merely a typo.

The picture is nice, too; it may well be a still to promote "Made For Each Other," which was filmed during late 1938 (the background looks suspiciously like the Selznick International lot in Culver City), or it's possibly from Warners, where she filmed "Fools For Scandal" early in the year. Heck, it could even be among the last photos Paramount ever issued of Carole, since it's so tightly cropped.

Whatever, you can purchase it for $29.99 under the "buy it now" option; it's 7" x 5.5". It may only be available for another few hours after I write this, so if you're interested, head to http://cgi.ebay.com/CAROLE-LOMBARD-1928-GLAMOUR-FASHION-MOVIE-PHOTO-4864-/320516812159?cmd=ViewItem&pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item4aa04a6d7f right away.

Oh -- the more I think about it, it would indeed be interesting to imagine how the 1928 "Carol of the curves" would look in that outfit.

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