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Carole, George and Mack redux

Some time ago (late September 2007!), we did an entry on Mack Gray, the close associate of George Raft who had small parts in the two movies he made with Carole Lombard (http://community.livejournal.com/carole_and_co/37559.html). Gray's nephew furnished some photos and provided some information, and recently he forwarded this to me:


I had sent you the few Lombard photos I had of my uncle Mack with Carole Lombard a year or two ago. Someone sent me another photo recently that I had never seen of Lombard with Raft and my uncle Mack (Gray) It's part of a larger page but I isolated the Lombard photo.. Don't know if you've already seen this one but it's a nice photo. Probably a publicity shot from Bolero or Rumba. Wish I had the original !


And here's said photo:

It's from a book, which explains the inset at the lower left-hand corner. (Some of you may not have been able to see the photo earlier, but now that I have home Internet service again I retrieved it from my e-mail and put it in my collection.) Here's a second version of it, done in grayscale and minus the corner inset:

Now the question is: Did this picture come from "Bolero" or "Rumba"? If anyone can give an answer, it would be greatly appreciated...just as we greatly appreciate Robert sending this our way.

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