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As 1929 faded into 1930, Carol Lombard (as she was still largely known; the "e" in her first name wouldn't become permanent until late in '30) found herself at a crossroads. She had just been released from the roster of Pathe Pictures, not for any transgression other than looking too much like Constance Bennett, the flighty daughter of stage legend Richard Bennett who was returning to films after a few years of self-imposed hiatus (and marriage). Carol would no longer be identified with the famed Pathe rooster, for whom she had worked for nearly two years (although the first half of that tenure was as a part-timer under contract to Mack Sennett).

However, in the magazine business there was several weeks' lag time between creating an issue and its appearance on newsstands. So when the January 1930 issue of Photoplay came out, Lombard was featured in a Pathe ad -- although the bulk of it ws used to promote Bennett:

Additionally, Lombard was still listed with Pathe in the magazine's "addresses of the stars" (and would still be there in the February issue, too):

Ultimately everything turned out okay, as Lombard would be signed to a seven-year contract at mighty Paramount by mid-year, but the early part of 1930 was an uncertain one for Lombard's career.

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