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Let's keep reaching higher!

A check of community info at "Carole & Co." today revealed we now have 144 members, a record number since this site began some 34 months ago. It's quite pleasing, but I like to think we can do even better.

I haven't really made a push for new members in quite some time -- that's probably something I'll attend to once I'm settled down with this move -- but in the meantime, you can do your part to keep "Carole & Co." blossoming (a good word to use on this, the 40th anniversary of the initial Earth Day). Tell your friends, especially those who are into classic Hollywood, the 1930s or both, about this site...the new entries, coming virtually every day, more than 1,150 at last count...the array of rare images and information we uncover...the research we do on the film industry of Carole Lombard's time, so you understand Hollywood history that much more.

So spread the word, encourage new members. We're always happy to expand the tent. It'd be nice to pass the 150-member barrier, perhaps eventually growing to 200 or more. Certainly there are many, many people who admire Carole Lombard's work as an actress and life as a person -- and it's these people who not only should learn about the existence of "Carole & Co.", but become members as well.

To celebrate our current status, an appropriate somg -- and my favorite James Bond theme (though the film it's from, "Octopussy," is fairly pedestrian). It's Rita Coolidge, with "All-Time High":


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