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So, just what does she know?

Coming across interviews with Carole Lombard in fan magazines of the 1930s, one is always struck by her perspective, her intelligence. (To be sure, some of the comments may have been embellished a bit by the writers in order to stay on the good side of both the stars and the studios, but I sense definite verisimilitude between Lombard's opinions and what was put in print.)

Here's a splendid example of what I mean. It's from the February 1935 issue of Screen Play, which happened to have Carole on the cover:

The magazine (featuring the National Recovery Administration eagle, shortly before the New Deal agency was declared unconstitutional by the U.S. Supreme Court) promotes a story inside, "What Carole Lombard Knows About Men." We don't have the entire article, alas, but we do have the first two pages. Double-click to read it:

She talks about romance, and many of her observations -- particularly from a feminist perspective -- still ring true today. It's worth a look.

The magazine also contains an article on Claudette Colbert, who had won the Academy Award for best actress the previous year:

There's also a photo spread with images of Ginger Rogers, Dolores Del Rio and Kitty Carlisle (in a swimsuit!):

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And if you end up with the magazine, please copy and forward me the rest of the Lombard story. It deserves to be seen in its entirety.

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