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Writing Ernest-ly about Carole?

He was one of the giants of 20th century American literature, a man whose terse, forceful style and sense of scene made his writing unforgettable. Some of his works, such as "A Farewell To Arms," have been transferred to screen.

Now, we've learned, Ernest Hemingway may have written something about Carole Lombard.

Here's the story, from the Internet Movie Database:

A collection of magazine articles about Hollywood that Ernest Hemingway wrote during the 1930s and which apparently were never published, was scheduled to be auctioned Sept. 30, 1998 by Denham's in the U.K., according to the London Independent. The 100 typewritten pages, in a pink cloth-covered folder, titled Hollywood Express and signed "Dr Ernest Hemingstein," reportedly include articles about such stars as Clark Gable, Carole Lombard and Nelson Eddy. The notes, written, according to the newspaper, when Hemingway "felt his friends were 'selling out to Hollywood'" are part of a larger collection that the newspaper said represents the largest sale of Hemingway memorabilia ever.

I'm hardly a Hemingway expert, so I have no idea whether these articles were sold or have been made public. If so, I'd love to see them, especially to get Hemingway's feel for the Hollywood of the 1930s. And, of course, it would be fascinating to see what Hemingway -- who might be to writers what Clark Gable was to actors (both cherished the outdoors) -- thought of Lombard.

If anyone knows more about these writings, please let us know.

Incidentally, the Ernest Hemingway home in Key West, Fla., is home to about 60 cats, descendants of cats the author cared for; about half of them are polydactyl, with six toes. (Hemingway had a fondness for cats.) To learn more about these extraordinary felines, go to http://www.hemingwayhome.com/HTML/our_cats.htm.


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