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From: 'Godfrey.' To: Miss Livingston.

At times, tracking down information about certain items of Carole Lombard memorabilia requires the combined sleuthing expertise of Nick Charles and Philo Vance, detectives portrayed so memorably by Carole's first husband, William Powell. And as fate would have it, the item in today's entry is from the final film Bill and Carole made together -- "My Man Godfrey."

There are plenty of "Godfrey" images floating around auction galleries, but there's a good chance that, like me, this portrait will be new to you. Take a look:

According to the seller, the inscription on the back includes the comment (typed, not handwritten), “Exclusive to Miss Livingston.” I think we can safely say this was not addressed to Margaret or Mary (whose last name in show business had an "e" on the end). This person probably worked for some publication such as a fan magazine...and it's certainly a rare portrait of Lombard.

Note that this is a "keybook" still of Carole, explaining the three holes at the top. It measures 8" x 10" and is a single weight glossy silver gelatin print.

You can purchase this for $350, using eBay's "buy it now" option, or make an offer; assuming no one shells out the $350, offers will continue through just after 2 a.m. (Eastern) Tuesday, although the buyer is not obliged to accept an offer. (The seller, a Walter Reuben, has been collecting film memorabilia since the late 1970s.) If you're interested in this rarity, go to http://cgi.ebay.com/MY-MAN-GODFREY-36-CAROLE-LOMBARD-VNTG-KEY-BOOK-STILL_W0QQitemZ320487270286QQcmdZViewItemQQptZLH_DefaultDomain_0?hash=item4a9e87a78e.

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