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It's a natural! (Color, that is.)

What was the first color photograph taken (or at least published) of Carole Lombard?

We may have an answer.

Ladies and gentlemen, the cover of the November 1935 issue of Hollywood magazine, released while "Hands Across The Table" was in movie theaters across the country:

The photographer isn't credited, but it's Edwin Bower Hesser, one of the best-known "art" photographers of his era and someone who'd worked with Lombard several years earlier:

Full-spectrum color photography was still a novelty in 1935, the year "Becky Sharp," starring Miriam Hopkins, became the first three-strip Technicolor feature film. So seeing Carole in honest-to-goodness, "natural" color -- as opposed to a painted portrait or tinted black-and-white photograph -- was certainly something new for her fans (at least those who had never personally seen or met her, which would be the vast majority of those who either didn't live in or had never visited southern California).

There's material on her inside, as well as stories about Clark Gable (they were not yet an item), Mickey Rooney, Jean Harlow, Mae West, Errol Flynn and others.

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