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Lombard, in labor

Sadly, we're not referring to the process of giving birth, something Carole Lombard unfortunately never experienced, though during her marriage to Clark Gable she tried, and tried, to achieve such a state. Obviously, with today being Labor Day here in the U.S., we're referring to the occupations Lombard portrayed -- and there were many. While she never became quite as identified as playing the "working girl" as, say, Joan Crawford, she did her share.

Here are some of the jobs Carole's characters performed:

* Newspaper reporter -- "Big News"; the "Murder Unlimited" episode of "Silver Theater" (radio)

* Showgirl -- "Safety In Numbers"; "Fast And Loose"; "Up Pops The Devil"; "The Princess Comes Across."

* Secretary -- "It Pays To Advertise" (seen above); "True Confession" (briefly); the "That Certain Woman" adaptation on "Lux Radio Theater."

* Model -- "Sinners In The Sun."

* Streetwalker -- "Virtue."

* Librarian -- "No Man Of Her Own."

* Nightclub singer -- "Brief Moment"; "White Woman"; "Swing High, Swing Low."

* Dancer -- "Bolero."

* Department store clerk -- "Twentieth Century"; "Mr. & Mrs. Smith" (briefly); "My Best Girl" (uncredited).

* Actress -- "Twentieth Century"; "Fools For Scandal"; "To Be Or Not To Be"; the "The Moon's Our Home" adaptation on "Lux Radio Theater."

* Fan dancer -- "Lady By Choice."

* Manicurist -- "Hands Across The Table."

* Radium factory worker -- "Nothing Sacred."

* Illustrator -- "In Name Only."

* Nurse -- "Vigil In The Night."

* Waitress -- "They Knew What They Wanted."

* Clothing designer -- the "Tailored By Toni" episode of "Screen Guild Theater" (radio).

So, on this Labor Day, we salute Carole's hard-working characters...and Lombard herself for making them so vivid.
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