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More Lombard/Raft (with special guest star Gloria Swanson)

When creating my feature on Carole Lombard and George Raft, I purposely omitted one picture I have in my collection...simply because I wanted to show it separately. It's pretty fascinating.

Apparently in early 1934, Gloria Swanson -- a film legend in the 1920s whose star had dimmed a little bit in the thirties, but was still a respected force in the film community -- dropped by the Paramount lot while Carole and George were filming "Bolero." Swanson took time out for a publicity picture, apparently signing some cloak or blanket Lombard was holding while Raft looked on:

I couldn't figure out why Gloria was signing this (was it to be auctioned off for some charity?), so I decided to enlarge the photo in hopes of possibly detecting who else had signed it.

None of the visible names are immediately recognizable. Just to the right of Swanson's glove, a signature looks a bit like the word "Marlene" (Dietrich?), but there's something above it that's not legible. And you can see an upside-down "M.G.M.", too, but you can't make out the accompanying name.

Perhaps someone here knows something about this photo, and about the item Swanson is signing. I certainly don't.
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