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Carole and Oscar

That's where it all began more than 80 years ago -- the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel, site of the initial Academy Awards. It was a far different animal then, just a big dinner with the list of winners read off. No television, of course, not even radio.

Carole Lombard wasn't at that first ceremony; it is believed that the last survivor of that event was Anita Page, who died in 2008. But I just did a Google search of "Carole Lombard Academy Awards," and found no images of her at any of the ceremonies. Keep in mind there was no "red carpet" then where celebrities could pose for photographers; stars simply showed up.

I'm certain somewhere there are photos of Lombard at an Oscars ceremony, particularly in 1937, when she was a best actress nominee. Any photos taken from that year might also enhance the possibility of finding that elusive photo of Lombard and good friend Jean Harlow together, as they sat at the same table.

Just something to ponder as you follow Sunday night's ceremonies, held not far away from the Roosevelt on Hollywood Boulevard.


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