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How about another collection?

I'm certain many of you have purchased "Carole Lombard: The Glamour Collection" since its release on April 4, 2006 (I bought mine that very day). It begs the question -- could a second Lombard box set ever be issued?

Certainly she made enough movies to make it a possibility, but if you were Universal Home Video, which controls much of the pre-1948 Paramount product, what would you choose? What would be marketable?

Keep in mind that "No Man Of Her Own" has already received a DVD release, so you wouldn't want to bundle it into a new collection. And the films that are left generally show a different side of Carole than the comedic actress the public is most familiar with.

There's "Now And Forever," which Shirley Temple fans would want (it's one of her few starring roles before going to Fox), but Gary Cooper stars in it too, and it might better fit a collection of his (along with "I Take This Woman").

Taking those out of the equation arguably doesn't leave much in the way of exciting material. There's "Bolero" and "Rumba" with George Raft and the weird "Supernatural," all of which are sort of atypical of Lombard, and a whole batch of low-profile, pre-Code stuff such as "Sinners In The Sun," "No One Man," etc. Great for Carole completists, but not the fare casual film buffs would sink their teeth into.

And "Swing High, Swing Low," her only pairing with Fred MacMurray that didn't make the cut the first time around, could be a centerpiece to a second set of Paramount Lombard stuff...if only a first-class 35mm print could be found. Alas, one has not cropped up.

It almost leads one to believe that there might be a slightly better chance of Sony putting together a Lombard set. True, it's already issued the classic "Twentieth Century," but it has rights to four other Columbia films of hers -- "Virtue," intriguing pre-Code fare with a Robert Riskin script; "No More Orchids," with the always-reliable Walter Connolly in a supporting role as the father of Carole's character; "Brief Moment," an adaptation of a popular play of the time; and "Lady By Choice," a sequel of sorts to "Lady For A Day." That would make a solid quartet of releases.

A set from either Sony or Universal would be nice, but for now, don't hold your breath.
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