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Did Bill nearly 'Buy' Carole?

Yes...at least in the cinematic sense.

On Oct. 9, 1930, Elizabeth Yeoman reported in the Hoollywood Citizen-News that Paramount had selected a play to convert into a Powell vehicle called "Buy Your Woman." It was adapted from the Octovus Roy Cohen play "Alias Mrs. Wallace," a blend of society drama and underworld fare. Stage actress Juliette Compton was also cast, Yeoman said, with Lombard getting a key supporting role.

However, slightly more than a month later, on Nov. 14, Yeoman said Powell was switched to "Ladies' Man," a film initially intended for Paul Lukas. Yeoman reported Powell "did not wish to make another picture in which he is portrayed as a man who has encounters with the law." A wise move, Yeoman said, as Powell "is too versatile" to be typecast as a criminal. Meanwhile, she wrote, "I don't know what roles are going to be given to Juliette Compton and Carol Lombard. Both these actresses were cast for 'Buy Your Woman.'"

Lombard, of course, did wind up in 'Ladies' Man.' As for 'Buy Your Woman,' on Nov. 18, Yeoman said "it looks as if Paramount might never make the picture."

About this time, Powell and Lombard were reported as seen together in public. On Jan. 2, 1931, Harrison Carroll reported in Hearst's Los Angeles Evening Herald Express that "Carole admitted that Bill had given her an eight-cylindered convertible coupe for Christmas." So maybe Powell bought Lombard after all. (The column also noted she had given Powell 'an expensive watch."

Oh, and Lombard wouldn't work with Lukas until the lackluster "No One Man," released in early 1932.
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