cinemafan2 (cinemafan2) wrote in carole_and_co,

Remembering Carole....

As the 68th anniversary of her death approaches on January 16, it is important to remember what an extraordinary person Carole Lombard really was. Carole Lombard was not only a talented actress and a great beauty but she had a head and a heart.  She faced life with courage and with a smile on her face despite serious concerns.  The reality of her life was not nearly as idyllic as she wished it to be nor was it as happy as many of her fans thought that it was. But it was a life lived every day at full throttle with love, kindness and humor for those around her. In her final will she expressed the independence of mind and the integrity of spirit for which she is so rightly known and admired.  May she rest in peace. 

A print from a negative of the last studio photo session of Carole Lombard.


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