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A new association, and it's a 'classic'

"And the lion shall lay down with the lamb..."

Everyone thinks that phrase is from the Bible, but it's no more a part of scripture than "Play it again, Sam" was part of "Casablanca." In the King James Bible, the most popular version (at least among Protestants in North America and England), the line says that "the wolf shall lay down with the lamb." (Which makes more sense when you consider the terrain of the Middle East; I don't believe lions are native to that part of the world, or at least not as common as wolves as threats to sheep. Then again, it's nowhere as euphonious.)

Why am I talking about lions and lambs? To make a point of sorts. Last year, "Carole & Co." was accepted into a group called the Large Association of Movie Blogs, acronym LAMB (http://community.livejournal.com/carole_and_co/208523.html). This week, this community was accepted into the Classic Movie Blog Association, or CMBA, pronounced "Simba," as in the protagonist of "The Lion King." (In fact, the group plans to give an award, called the "Simba," for excellence in classic movie blogging.)

(If you're tempted to click on one of those to see either of those groups, don't bother. For one thing, they're strictly for illustrative purposes, and for another, you can now always find their links at "Carole & Co." near the bottom of the left-hand column.)

Both are excellent groups, but truth be told, I haven't been as active in LAMB as I should. Part of that is my fault, to be sure, but another reason is that relatively few of the more than 400 blogs in LAMB deal with classic movies. What's playing at the multiplex is usually of peripheral concern to classic film buffs such as myself -- and perhaps many members of "Carole & Co." share that lack of interest .

Like its euphonic namesake lion, CMBA is still in its cub stage. the group began Oct. 31, and as of this writing only has 13 members. Expect that number to grow over the next few months, as people with classic movie-related blogs discover the site and join. To learn more about the advantages of joining CMBA, go to http://clamba.blogspot.com/2009/10/if-i-have-classic-movie-blog-why-should.html; for requirements of membership, visit http://clamba.blogspot.com/2009/10/classic-movie-blog-association-cmba.html.

I'm proud to be the first LiveJournal community in CMBA, and hope that if you own a blog dedicated to classic Hollywood that you will join in. Look -- Carole Lombard herself is inviting you to come on over...and honestly, are you going to tell her no?


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