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Welcome to our side!

Those of us who love Carole Lombard are always delighted to see someone join the fold. So it is with Amy Jeanne, who's been posting and contributing here for some time...but she admits she wasn't always a Lombard fan. As she explains it:

"Well guys, I've been converted. Maybe you remember when I didn't care for Miss Lombard. I had only seen her in 3 movies up to that point and didn't see what the big deal was. I used to find her annoying in My Man Godfrey (1936)!!! And then I saw The Gay Bride (1934), which was forgettable, and then the semi-dreadful Fools For Scandal (1938). I was batting a thousand, wasn't I?"

As "The Gay Bride" and especially "Fools For Scandal" are two of the low points of Lombard's cinematic output, you can't blame her for her coolness. (Not sure about "Godfrey," but everyone's entitled to their opinion.)

"Something different put me off of her, though. I read that when she married Clark Gable, she broke off her friendship with William Haines. I know I shouldn't believe everything I read -- I don't know if this is true or not. If she *did* shun Billy, then I'm going to assume she knew what she was doing to stay in the 'game.'

"Anywho, I really wanted to like Carole!!! I liked that she was totally unpretentious, knew how to laugh, poked fun at everyone, and I especially LOVED that she UNFORGIVEABLY used foul language! She sounded like me! And not to mention, she died young and tragically (I have a fascination with that type of stuff.) But, alas, my love of William Haines would always haunt me!"

If she stopped her relationship with William Haines, it may have been because she began to stop relationships with lots of old friends -- gay and straight -- once Gable entered the picture. While she certainly didn't withdraw from the world, the Gable-era Lombard became more of a homebody, especially in the couple's quest to have children.

"Upon further study (ie: The Glamour Collection and a messload of photographs collected off the net!), I have come to the realisation that Carole was a true gem; a gorgeous unconventional beauty with loads of talent. And most important of all: FUNNY!"


If you want to read more of her comments -- and see a slew of Lombard pictures to accompany them -- go to http://amy-jeanne.livejournal.com/142607.html. It's part of her LiveJournal site, "It'll Take The Snap Out Of Your Garters," a wonderful place for classic-era movie and culture buffs.
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