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What's in a (character's) name?

Over her career, Carole Lombard portrayed several dozen different characters. Here's a list of names of people she played from her first all-talking picture, "High Voltage," onward.

(Several films have been omitted. In "The Eagle And The Hawk," Lombard's brief role is listed as "The Beautiful Lady," with no name given for her character. In "Safety In Numbers," she's listed as "Pauline," with no last name. In "Virtue," she plays the prostitute Mae, whose last name isn't given; she eventually marries taxi driver Jimmy Doyle, played by Pat O'Brien, but we never learn her maiden name.)

So here's the list. What's your favorite Lombard character name?

* Billie Davis in "High Voltage," 1929

* Margaret Banks in "Big News," 1929

* Rhoda Philbrooke in "The Racketeer," 1929

* Virginia Hoyt in "The Arizona Kid," 1930

* Alice O'Neil in "Fast And Loose," 1930

* Mary Grayson in "It Pays To Advertise," 1931

* Mary Kendall in "Man Of The World," 1931

* Rachel Fendley in "Ladies' Man," 1931

* Anne Merrick in "Up Pops The Devil," 1931

* Kay Dowling in "I Take This Woman," 1931

* Penelope Newbold in "No One Man," 1932

* Doris Blake in "Sinners In The Sun," 1932

* Anne Holt in "No More Orchids," 1932

* Connie Randall in "No Man Of Her Own," 1932

* Colly Tanner in "From Hell To Heaven," 1933

* Roma Courtney in "Supernatural," 1933

* Abby Fane in "Brief Moment," 1933

* Judith Denning in "White Woman," 1933

* Helen Hathaway in "Bolero," 1934

* Doris Worthington in "We're Not Dressing," 1934

* Mildred Plotka, then Lily Garland in "Twentieth Century," 1934

* Toni Carstairs Day in "Now And Forever," 1934

* Alabam' Georgia Lee in "Lady By Choice," 1934

* Mary Magiz in "The Gay Bride," 1934

* Diana Harrison in "Rumba," 1935

* Regi Allen in "Hands Across The Table," 1935

* Kay Colby in "Love Before Breakfast," 1936

* Wanda Nash, aka Princess Olga in "The Princess Comes Across," 1936

* Irene Bullock in "My Man Godfrey," 1936

* Maggie King in "Swing High, Swing Low," 1937

* Hazel Flagg in "Nothing Sacred," 1937

* Helen Bartlett in "True Confession," 1937

* Kay Winters, aka Kay Summers in "Fools For Scandal," 1938

* Jane Mason in "Made For Each Other," 1939

* Julie Eden in "In Name Only," 1939

* Anne Lee in "Vigil In The Night," 1940

* Amy Peters in "They Knew What They Wanted," 1940

* Ann Krausheimer Smith in "Mr. & Mrs. Smith," 1941

* Maria Tura in "To Be Or Not To Be," 1942

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