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Lombard in lingerie: That scene from "Bolero"

In our previous entry on the pre-Code Lombard, we showed a still from a scene in the film "Bolero" where Carole's character, an aspiring dancer, auditions for George Raft by stripping down to her underwear. Here are some more stills from that scene, presented in order, to give you an idea of what audiences could see enlarged to giant size on the screens of early 1934:

In his book "Complicated Women," Mick LaSalle said that after the Code was more strictly enforced in mid-1934, "Newspapers in major cities -- Boston, Chicago, Cleveland, Detroit, Los Angeles, and New York -- were soon reporting that audiences booed and hissed when the Production Code Administration's seal of approval flashed onto the screen at the start of each movie." After seeing these stills, one understands why.
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