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If you remember the early days of "Saturday Night Live," you recall those characters above -- the "two wild and crazy guys" portrayed by original cast member Dan Aykroyd and frequent guest Steve Martin -- immigrants to New York from eastern Europe who fancied themselves as ladies' men, but frankly came on a bit too strong. In most of the skits, they were set on blind dates, and when the women arrived, the two would invariably yell with delight, "Fox-es!" (Of course, everything would all go wrong, and the guys never came close to first base with their dates and their "big American breasts." And therein was the running gag.)

Nice, you may think, but where's the Carole Lombard tie-in? Well, without further ado, may I present to you...Fox-es!

They are definitely two wonderfully sensual pictures of Lombard, but Fox? These look to be too mature a Lombard to have been from the mid-twenties, before her automobile accident. And wasn't her hair a darker shade then?

Yes, it was...

...but Lombard also made two films at Fox after the accident. One was 1930's "The Arizona Kid," both her lone talking western and the only film I can think of where she played a villainness. The other came two years earlier, a little-remembered silent called "Me, Gangster."

It's likely the pictures were taken in conjunction with that film, given Lombard's "bee-stung" lips (very 1920s).

The photographer was Edwin Bower Hesser, one of the renowned art photographers of the day; he was usually based in New York, but this was one of his infrequent forays into Hollywood. (And this was the original cream toning of the photos -- I have not converted them to greyscale.) Both are roughly 10" x 13" and feature a Hesser embossment stamp, and are fascinating documents of Lombard's allure as she made the transition from teen to twenty.

Both were recently put up for auction by Heritage Auction Galleries. The first one sold for $3,107. The second one didn't sell, so it is being put up again. You can buy it for $2,390 (according to Heritage, the original estimated value was $8,000) or simply make an offer. (This second auction ends Monday.) To find out more, go to http://movieposters.ha.com/common/view_item.php?Sale_No=7014&Lot_No=85219.

The prices may seem "wild and crazy"; the photos definitely aren't. Wonder if Aykroyd or Martin collect Hollywood memorabilia?

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