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Tumblr for ya

I'm always on the lookout for new and interesting items or sites regarding Carole Lombard, and I think I've found one. The URL is http://carolelombard.tumblr.com/, part of the Tumblr site, and to date it features 20 pages (nearly 200 images!) of Lombard, with more being added.

True, there are plenty of places where you can find pictures of Carole, but what I like about this site is that more than a few of these images are new to me -- and since I've been tracking down pix of Lombard for more than a few years, that's saying something. Foar example, take this one:

It's Paramount p1202-1632, probably taken in 1937. Nice photo of her. Or how about this Paramount pose from 1934?

This one's p1202-860, and what I particularly like about this (and the first pic as well) is that it's a prime example of how Lombard, working with her photographers, was able to successfully disguise the scar on her left cheek that she suffered in an automobile accident nearly a decade before. (Since it is a still picture, there likely was some touch-up work as well -- but just that she decided to put that cheek front and center says something about the confidence she had developed by then.)

Then there's this Paramount shot from about 1932 or so, p1202-418:

For some reason, I don't have very many shots of her in the "400" number range, so this is welcome.

Lest you think it's strictly a Paramount-related bunch of pictures at the site, rest assured that's not the case. Here's one that may have been taken at Paramount, but derives from a foreign-language magazine:

The caption reads, "Sorprendida en la ducha -- eso es de presumir -- Carole Lombard, estrella de Paramount, sonrie segura de sus innegables encantos." That's roughly translated from Spanish to English as, "Surprised in the shower -- presumably -- Carole Lombard, star of Paramount, is sure of her undeniable charm." (1. Was this taken before or after the famed shower scene in "My Man Godfrey"? 2. She sure doesn't look surprised. 3. Why would she be wearing a ring in the shower? 4. This reminds me of when Teri Garr was put in a shower on "Late Night With David Letterman" in the late 1980s.)

Even some photos we've seen in the past can be found in better condition at this site. For example, this is unquestionably the best version I've come across of Carole and Clark Gable with media mogul William Randolph Hearst at one of his fabled costume parties at San Simeon:

As stated earlier, it's a nice site, one any Lombard fan would savor, and it wins the "Carole & Co." seal of approval (which is currently clapping its flippers as I write this).

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