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Must be the shoes

Carole Lombard was certainly a style icon of the 1930s, but most of the attention centered on her sleek figure, a favorite for dress designers such as Travis Banton. But she had much more to offer than that, as we've recently been reminded.

The blog "Glamour Daze," which labels itself as "An Image Archive of Vintage Glamour," put together a fascinating entry several days ago. It's the first of a series on Hollywood stars' shoe styles of the 1930s, and guess which star the series began with?

The site notes,

"A variety of women's shoe styles were available in the 1930s; rounded toes with thick heels; pumps, flats, ankle straps with moderate heels; slip-ons, lace ups, buckled; spectator and two tones.

"The new fad for outdoor activities brought sandals back into fashion. Black was most common for day shoes but wine, maroon, and navy were also seen. For evening plain court shoes were seen gadding about with asymmetrical trims, peep toes and sling back heels."

Yes, shoes were as important to women in the thirties as they are today (to see the entry, visit http://glamourdaze.blogspot.com/2009/11/1930s-fashion-carole-lombards-shoes.html).

How about some additional images of Carole's footwear? Well, here they are:

Carole Lombard's legs were magnificent...but the photos above prove she knew what to wear beneath them.

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