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Tennis anyone?

One of the things admirers of Carole Lombard note is that she had a passion for sports.  And tennis seemed to be the game she played most often and vigorously.  Alfred Eisentaedt captured her on the tennis court in the photo seen below left in 1938.  The other photo by another photographer was taken earlier.

    No danger of cellulite here!

Tennis was a game that she played almost daily with Russ Columbo.  While he had played tennis since he was in high school, Lombard was a nudge for self improvement in the people she cared about.  So she shared her tennis instructor with him.  (And as you can see from the photo of her instructor below Miss Lombard took few foolish or unnecessary chances.) 

Russ Columbo with Carole Lombard's tennis instructor, Eleanor Tennant, whom Carole nicknamed
"Teach."  and at play.  These photos were probably taken by Universal Studios as publicity shots for
"Wake Up and Dream."

It would have been a fine sight to watch Russ and Carole at play.  I wonder who won?

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