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You came through!

...and kept the streak going while I was away from a computer over the weekend. We've had at least one entry here every day since this community started in mid-June.

But the quality is every bit as important as the quantity. You folks brought up some interesting topics -- the "Glamour Collection" and a possible "My Man Godfrey" Broadway musical, to name a few. (Which reminds me -- back in the late '90s, there was talk about a musical based on "Citizen Kane," and somebody online created possible lyrics for a song called "I Think It Would Be Fun To Run A Newspaper," after a famous line in the script. It was hilarious; I wish I had saved it, because I've been unable to find it over the years.)

Anyway, thanks, and I hope to come up with a few fresh, intriguing topics of my own in ensuing days.

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