Amy Jeanne (amy_jeanne) wrote in carole_and_co,
Amy Jeanne

The Glamour Collection

I recently bought The Glamour Collection and I'm loving it. So far I have watched We're Not Dressing (1934) and I found it terribly charming. I must admit I didn't care for all of Bing's singing/closeups, but I LOVED Carole and I especially loved the scene where her underwear flies away! My husband and I also loved the bear on roller skates and I found Ethel Merman to be quite loveable! My husband loved the comic antics of Leon Errol. All in all, we ended up enjoying it.

I'm in the middle of watching Hands Across The Table (1935). I haven't finished it so please no spoilers! So far I think the story is charming and I LOOOOOVE the art moderne shop Carole works in -- not to mention her awesome uniform! I also enjoy seeing Marie Prevost! She's always a treat. The husband isn't joining me with this one -- too much of a "chick flick" for his tastes, but I think it's just perfect. I also very much notice the scar on Carole's cheek in this film.

PS -- Why is Clark on the Hands Across The Table menu?? Somebody goofed!

So do you guys have any favourite film(s) from The Glamour Collection??
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